Alaskan Night Lights

October 15, 2004


Referred by: Ab Kuenzli, Digiview Productions
Summary authors & editors: Ab Kuenzli; Jim Foster

This most interesting photo balances different light sources against the negative space of the darkened mountain range. It was taken south of Denali Park, Alaska on the night of September 7, 2004. A shaft of emerald from an aurora projects over the mountain like a laser, and at the same time, the more subtle moonlight partially illuminates this surreal scene. The rising Moon was actually at quarter phase (1/2 illuminated), but the long exposure resulted in the appearance of a full Moon.

The road in the foreground was very lightly burned in, and the image was sharpened -- no other cropping or retouching was done. Photo details: Canon MKII, 100 seconds, f2.8, ISO 200, 17 mm.

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