Grand Teton Panorama

October 12, 2004

Grand_teton_sunset copy

Provided and copyright by: Rich Macleish, Alexander Hamilton High School
Summary authors & editors: Rich Macleish

The above image showing a panorama of the Grand Teton Mountain Range in Wyoming was captured at sunset on August 26, 2004. This range sits along a fault line, which over time has caused the valley in front of the mountains to slip down several thousand feet -- summits of the Teton Range are approximately 7,000 ft (2,134 m) above the valley floor. Erosion of Precambrian crystalline rocks, along the steeply dipping Teton normal fault, is responsible for the abrupt and picturesque eastern front of the Teton Range. The gaps (valleys) between the peaks were carved by glaciers inexorably moving down toward the valley floor.

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