Zanzibar Sunrise

October 30, 2004


Provided by: Francisco A. Rodriguez Ramirez, AstroEduca
Summary authors & editors: Francisco A. Rodriguez Ramirez; Jim Foster

On this photo, a golden glow fills the sky as the Sun emerges above the eastern horizon and the distant cumulus cloud deck. In general, sunrises don't have the same degree of color as do sunsets since the atmosphere is cleaner -- dust lifted into the sky during the day often settles at night. However, when dust, salt or other aerosols are plentiful or when clouds occur at various levels, sunrises can attain every bit as much color as sunsets. The photo above was taken from Kiwengwa Beach on Zanzibar island (Tanzania) in the Indian Ocean on July 27, 2004. If you look closely, faint crepuscular rays can be detected. In the foreground, note the glitter patch -- reflection of sunlight off waves.

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