Hong Kong Crepuscular Rays

January 18, 2005

Hkcrepuscularrays copy

Provided and copyright by: Andrew Yee
Summary author: Andrew Yee

Crepuscular rays appeared in the late afternoon sky in Hong Kong on December 8, 2004, as seen here from the Kowloon Peninsula looking southwest toward Hong Kong Island. The Sun had lowered behind the office towers but had not yet set below a ridge of hills. Tall office towers effectively blocked the sunlight, resulting in faint crepuscular rays -- in the light haze at the center and on the right side of the photo. To the left of the tall building (Two International Financial Centre), the long dark ray (shadow) arose from the obstruction of Victoria Peak, which is out of view behind this building.

At 552 m (1,811 ft), Victoria Peak is the highest point on the Hong Kong Island. Two International Financial Centre is 415 m (1,361 ft) high (88-stories). In the foreground are three Star Ferries crossing the Victoria Harbor.

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