Moonrise and Sunrise Pair

January 24, 2005


Provided by: Paul Charbonneau, Soleil du Jour
Summary authors & editors: Paul Charbonneau

The fascinating photo pair above contrasts the rising Sun with the rising Moon, as viewed from the same position in Kamouraska, Québec, Canada. Moonrise (left) was captured on November 27, 2004, while the sunrise picture was taken on July 21, 2004. Interestingly, even the clouds (altocumulus) are similar on both pictures. Both the Sun and Moon subtend approximately 1/2 degree of the sky -- the distance from one horizon to the opposing horizon is 180 degrees. Note the glitter patch on each photo -- sunlight and moonlight reflected off ripples in the river. It's slightly more pronounced on the moonrise photo since the Moon is a bit lower in the sky than is the Sun.

Sunrise photo details: 1/500 sec, F4.0, 93 mm, ISO 100.

Moonrise photo details: 1 sec, F2.8, 93 mm, ISO 100.

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