Anticline Folding

February 08, 2005


Provided by: Loïc Bazalgette, Laboratoire Dynamique de la lithosphère. Université Montpellier II
Summary authors & editors: Loïc Bazalgette

The above photo showing anticline folding was taken in February 2004 from Cournonterral, Languedoc, France. It was observed in Jurassic formations of what is now the Montpellier area of southern France and was formed during a compressive stage that also lead to the creation of the Pyrenées Mountains. The rocks are dogger (oxfordian) well bedded limestones. The typical bed thickness can vary from 20 to almost 70 cm, and their texture is most often poorly grained (mudstone to wackestone, following Dunham classification). Clay fraction is relatively low in the folded part of the pile presented on this shot, but can reach higher values in surrounding outcrops.

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