Cavado River of Portugal

February 20, 2005

Fozcavado copy

Provided by: Jose Carlos Barros
Summary authors & editors: Jose Carlos Barros

This photo showing the somewhat unusual mouth of the river Cavado was taken on July 27, 2004 from Lourenco Hill. The Cavado River runs in a east-west direction from the uplands of the Larouco Mountains (north-central Portugal), but as it approaches the small town of Esposende, it suddenly turns northwards and runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean. Note the small peninsula between the river and sea formed by a set of sand dunes. This area is part of the Ecological Reserve of the Esposende Dunes. Some parts of this peninsula are covered by a very dense pine forest. Lourenco Hill belongs to a group of cliffs, rich in fossils, created by the retreat of sea water. In addition, it's the site of an ancient Celtic village.

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