Lenticular Cloud and Smoke Plume Above Perth

February 16, 2005

Smokecloudperth copy

Provided and copyright by: Uta Bauer
Summary authors & editors: Uta Bauer

This very interesting photo showing a lenticular cloud forming above a smoke plume was taken at 3:35 p.m. on Jan 17, 2005, looking toward the east hills of Perth, Western Australia. Lenticular clouds usually form when a moist airflow crosses a mountain barrier, resulting in waves in the flow. At the crest of the wave, moisture condenses and the cloud takes on the shape of the wave. In this example, a vigorously rising column of smoke punched a hole in the air flow and formed a barrier that forced the water vapour to flow up and over and condense into cloud.

This bush-fire was the result of arson; six separate fires lit in a calculated manner on a Saturday evening. The majority of the approximately 25,000 hectares (nearly 62,000 acres) burnt was state forest and national park. Heavy smoke hung over the city for a week.

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