Purgatory Falls

March 25, 2005

Renyck_falls_compare copy

Provided by: Heather Renyck, Milford High School, NH
Summary authors & editors: Heather Renyck; Martin Ruzek

Even waterfalls freeze! But ice is no match for the power of water unleashed by a mid-winter thaw as evidenced by this pair of photos of the Lower Purgatory Falls in southern New Hampshire. Purgatory is the name of the short rocky gorge that forms a boundary between the towns of Mont Vernon and Lyndeborough, NH. Black Brook runs through the ravine forming the the upper and lower falls. Purgatory Brook is a headwater stream for the Souhegan River, and falls into the Souhegan Watershed. Running water is a reminder that spring is here, at least for some of us!

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