Tunnel Stalagmites

March 21, 2005


Provided and copyright by: Dave Kerr
Summary authors & editors: Dave Kerr; Jim Foster

The photo showing intriguing ice stalagmites was taken on February 6, 2005 from near Tunnelton, Pennsylvania. My brother and I drove to Tunnelton to see the old Pennsylvania Railroad viaduct across the Conemaugh River. While there, we went over to see the 1907 Bow Tunnel, which was abandoned in 1950 with the completion of the Conemaugh River Dam flood control project. These stalagmites were formed from water seeping from the tunnel ceiling. In winter, when the temperatures is the tunnel are below freezing, the water droplets freeze on contact, resulting in this fascinating formation. In this case, the dripping water causing the stalagmites doesn't appear to be falling from ice stalactites.

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