Old Dominion Sunset

April 29, 2005


Provided by: John A. Adam, Old Dominion University
Summary authors & editors: John A. Adam

The above photo showing a fiery sunset was taken during the fall of 2003 from Norfolk, Virginia. I was on the 5th floor of an office building and noticed a crimson glow right above the Old Dominion University library. I was rather surprised (and pleased) that the image came out as well as it did, especially since the only window that opened was a small horizontal one that angled just enough for me to hold my camera outside at arm's length, and literally "point and shoot." The range of sunset colors here is quite spectacular. Near the horizon, the long path length of sunlight through the lower atmosphere results in the rich red colors reflecting off the altostratus cloud deck -- most of the shorter wavelengths having been scattered out of the observer's line of sight.

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