Baker Lake Aurora

May 27, 2005


Provided and copyright by: Wade Clark, Jr.
Summary authors & editors: Wade Clark, Jr.

While watching twilight fade one evening last summer (July 24, 2004), a display of northern lights surprised us with its magic. This photo was taken from Baker Lake in northwest Washington State. Mt Shuksan is in the background. Note that in the distance, the Swift Creek forest fire can be seen. Both the hot glow from the wildfire and the emerald glow of the aurora are reflected in the smooth waters of the lake.

It's easy to feel a connection with the peoples of the past who were mystified by these northern lights. Even though we now basically understand what causes it (charged solar particles interacting with the upper atmosphere), the aurora still captivates those who witness its beauty.

Photo details: Canon Digital Rebel, wideangle lens, ISO setting of 1600, 25 second exposure.

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