Crepuscular Rays Over Belgium

July 22, 2005

Dsc02847 copy

Provided and copyright by: Decoster Jos
Summary authors & editors: Decoster Jos; Jim Foster

The above photo showing crepuscular rays at sunset was taken from my garden in Molenbeek-Wersbeek, Belgium on May 28, 2005. As the Sun sets or rises, rays of light interspersed with darker bands (shadows) sometimes can be seen. These rays can be observed when the Sun is above or below the horizon. Also called "Sun drawing water," the rays appear to fan out from our perspective, as do railroad tracks, which converge in the distance and seem wider before us. Of course, in actuality, they're parallel columns of sunlight and shadow.

Photo details: Sony V1 digital still camera, exposure time was 1/500sec, aperture of f5.6, sensitivity ISO 100, focal length 7 mm (or 34 mm expressed as 35 mm equivalent focal length).

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