Fire Recovery

July 19, 2005


Provided and copyright by: Errol Van Stralen, Sequoia Middle School
Summary authors & editors: Errol Van Stralen

The photo above showing recovery from a wildfire was taken in the Southern Sierra Nevada of California on May 28, 2005. Three years ago, this area suffered through what is referred to as the McNally Fire. Ultimately, nearly 151,000 acres were burned over a 6-week period before the fire was contained. After three years, the scars still remains (the hills in the background are covered with dead trees), however, all is not lost. The local habitat actually "lives" with fire as part of the ecosystem. As you can see in the picture, the brush is thriving, and tree seedlings are sprouting. Nonetheless, it'll take a few more decades until the forest is fully recovered. See also the Earth Science Picture of the Day for September 25, 2002. Photo courtesy of Brian Goode.

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