Muscongus Bay Sunset

August 16, 2005


Provided and copyright by: Steve Kluge, Fox Lane High School
Summary authors & editors: Steve Kluge

After kayaking across 7 miles (11 km) of open water on Maine's Muscongus Bay one afternoon in late July, 2005, we were treated to this calming sunset from our campsite on one of the small islands along the Maine Island Trail. During most summer afternoons strong southwesterly winds (driven by both the prevailing winds and strong onshore breezes) develop along the coast of Maine. These winds kick up both wind chop and big swells - and provide a challenging kayaking experience, even with the wind at your back. By evening, however, or in the lee of the islands, things often settle down quickly - a peaceful respite and a chance to take a drink and eat a pretzel before heading out into open water again. On the photo above, the orangey-red light of the setting Sun, shining through the clouds of an advancing warm front, was scattered off of the evening haze, treating us to these dramatic crepuscular rays and an appealing glitter patch as well.

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