Rainbow Above Washington D. C.

September 23, 2005


Provided by: Kevin Ambrose
Summary authors & editors: Kevin Ambrose

This lovely rainbow (a panorama of 2 side-by-side photos) graced the Nation's Capital during the late afternoon (7:47 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time) of June 13, 2005. The view is looking east -- photo was taken from the World War II Memorial (shown in the foreground). It almost looks as though the bow has been painted on this scene of the Washington Mall, featuring the Washington Monument. What's interesting about the photo is that it was taken just as rain began to fall into a relatively clear sky from a developing cumulonimbus cloud overhead. This impressive rainbow lasted about 45 minutes. Note that the Monument is especially bright and ivory like in appearance since it's being illuminated by the low-hanging, western Sun.

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