Giant Hoodoo

October 10, 2005


Provided and copyright by: Paul Williams, Red Deer College
Summary authors & editors: Paul Williams

The Red Deer Rock and Gem Society explored this giant hoodoo that was formed when a large boulder protected the underlying, unsorted and poorly consolidated glacial deposits. This photo was taken at Hoodoo Creek, Abraham Lake, Alberta on August 20, 2005. In the background can be seen the predominately limestone mountainside, indicating that the rock and gravel deposit must have been carried some distance by glaciers. Although it appears very fragile, its large size gives it stability, at least temporarily. The person standing on the side of this hoodoo shows that our estimated height of 15 m (50') is reasonable. This is much more than just a little hoodoo about nothing. Contrast this formation to yesterday's Earth Science Picture of the Day.

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