Isle of Rügen Glacial Moraine

October 11, 2005

Epod_glacial_moraine copy

Provided by: Joerg Bruckmann
Summary authors & editors: Joerg Bruckmann

This photo showing part of a glacial moraine was taken from the isle of Rügen (Mönchgut) in the Baltic Sea (Finland). Glacial moraines on this island were formed during the Pleistocene epoch. The steep cliff consists of poorly sorted, yellow-brown clastic sediment, which is referred to as boulder clay or till. Along this part of the Baltic coast, erosion is prevalent -- note the dangling trees. While smaller particles are washed away by storms and tides, more massive rocks and boulders remain near the shore. By knowing the type of rock comprising the boulders, the source area of the ancient glacial flow can be determined. The well rounded granites and diabases at the base of the cliff come from the isle of Åland (Finland). Photo taken on August 14, 2005.

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