Mars on September 21

October 18, 2005

Mars_chumack_whitehead_c-11 copy

Provided by: John Chumack, Miami Valley Astronomical Society; Ron Whitehead, Miami Valley Astronomical Society
Summary authors & editors: John Chumack

The above photo of enigmatic Mars was captured in Dayton and John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs, Ohio on September 21 (from 2:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m Eastern Standard Time). We used several telescopes this evening including a 3” F6 Achromat Refractor, 6” F8 Newtonian Reflector, 10” F10 Meade SCT, and a Celestron 11” F10 SCT. With a variety of different size scopes, considerable surface detail can be detected on Mars -- even with Mars at only 16.5 Arc seconds. Note, the South Polar Cap is at bottom. The bluish "haze" at the top of Mars is likely clouds forming near the North Polar Cap. It's now the end of Martian summer for the Northern Hemisphere on Mars -- the North Polar Cap is in the process of forming.

Photo details: Toucam Pro 2 Webcam, IR Blocking Filter, 5x Televue Barlow, 500 to 1000 AVI frames captured and stacked in Registax 3, seeing was 8/10.

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