Tornado Path Across Southern Indiana

November 22, 2005

Imgp1155 copy

Provided and copyright by: Lawrence Judy
Summary authors & editors: Lawrence Judy

Early Sunday morning November 6, 2005, an F3 tornado tracked twenty miles (32 km) across southern Indiana with deadly results. This picture, looking south from an airplane at 1,500 feet (457 m), about 14 hours later, shows the track of the tornado across a recently harvested cornfield (moving from right to left). The storm approached from the direction of Ellis Park racetrack, which would be to the right in the photo, where the twister killed and injured horses and destroyed several barns and a grandstand. Not far off of the left-hand side of the photo is a mobile home park, where 17 people were killed by this tornado, and two days later, several people were still missing. The twister then continued its destructive course to the northeast with additional deaths (total 23) and injuries (over 200). Notice the circular rotation patterns across a portion of the twister track.

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