Bavarian Alps Halo Display

December 26, 2005

2005-10-15_132606 copy

Provided by: Hans Jürgen von Lengerke
Summary authors & editors: Hans Jürgen von Lengerke

The photo above showing a complex halo display was taken from the Wendelstein area of the Bavarian Alps region of Germany on October 15, 2005. This fine display was first visible around mid day. Above the 22º degree halo, both an upper tangent arc and a Parry arc can be detected. In addition, there may be a faint upper Lowitz arc. Note also the sundog and a portion of the parhelic circle, passing through the sundog -- at the same elevation as the Sun. Ice crystals in cirrus clouds, having multiple orientations (some of which were spinning), are responsible for these lovely arcs and circles.

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