Mars Rising Above Toronto

December 08, 2005


Provided and copyright by: Andrew Yee, ZINC Projects
Summary authors & editors: Andrew Yee

On this photo, Mars is shown rising above the skyscrapers and glowing city lights in downtown Toronto, Canada (taken from Humber Bay Park). It's just to the left of the CN Tower. Mars passed fairly close to Earth on the night this picture was snapped (October 29, 2005) -- it was approximately 69.4 million km (43.1 million miles) distant. On its historic close approach in August 2003, Mars was only 55.8 million km or 34.7 million miles away. When Mars and Earth are as close as they were this past Ocotber,, the "red planet" becomes exceptionally bright, and is even easily visible even from within the city. Mars will come closest to Earth again near the time of Christmas 2007, but at a greater separation of 88.2 million km (54.8 million miles). The next time Mars makes a comparable close approach to Earth as this past apparition will not be until July 27, 2018, when it'll come to within 57.6 million km (35.8 million miles).

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