Near Earth Object 2005 TF

December 14, 2005


Provided and copyright by: Bill Leslie, (Going Nova) on Faulkes Telescope North
Summary authors & editors: Bill Leslie

These animated images were taken using the 2m professional quality telescope, Faulkes North, on Haleakala Mountain in Hawaii. They were obtained while the telescope was being remotely controlled from Forres, in the north of Scotland, at the Going Nova Science Festival. The festival was attended by 240 school pupils and about 100 members of the public. The object at center is Near Earth Object (NEO) 2005 TF, photographed on the day of its closest approach to the Earth, Friday November 11, 2005. This magnitude 18.1 object, between 260m and 570m in diameter, was 0.1496 Astronomical Units or 58.2 Lunar Distances away and was travelling at approximately 7.41km/s. On November 11, NEO 2005 TF was located between the bright stars Castor (in the constellation Gemini) and Capella (in Auriga).Image taken by Bill Leslie (Going Nova) on Faulkes Telescope North.

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