Sunnmors Alps of Norway

December 17, 2005


Provided and copyright by: Geir T. Øye
Summary authors & editors: Geir T. Øye

This wintry scene was photographed from Follestaddalen, Ørsta, Norway on the afternoon of November 30, 2005 (at 3:05 local time). After days of unsettled weather and snow, the weather suddenly cleared on November 30. Later in the day, low clouds could be seen hugging snow covered Romedalstinden (altitude of 1,245 meters) and Kolåstinden, the king of the Sunnmørs Alps (at right center in foreground, having an altitude 1,432 meters). These clouds formed quickly but dissipated within 30 minutes after the picture was taken. At the narrow passage to the left of the Kolåstind, at the bottom of the valley, you can detect the entrance to Romedalen (see the Earth Science Picture of the Day for October 2005).

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