Custodia Pano

January 31, 2006

Custodia-pano copy

Provided and copyright by: Loïc Bazalgette, Laboratoire Dynamique de la lithosphère. Université Montpellier II
Summary authors & editors: Loïc Bazalgette

The photo above shows a nice example of rather unusual Z-shaped folds outcropping on the "Sierra Custodia," in the Spanish Pyrenees (province of Aragon). This original pattern results from the combination of two main recumbent chevron folds; one an anticline and one a syncline -- a dusting of snow enhances the pattern. The rocks outcropping here are Eocene turbidites, which were deformed at rather high temperature and pressure conditions in the Mont-Perdu thrust sheet during the Pyrenean orogenesis. Photo taken on October 20, 2005.

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