Inspiration Point Rainbow and Yosemite Valley

January 01, 2006

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Referred by: Phil Dombrowski
Summary authors & editors: Phil Dombrowski

The famous geologic masterpiece of Yosemite Valley, California is here highlighted by a jaunty rainbow, courtesy of a late day frontal passage. Rainbows usually don't have to compete for attention, but Yosemite National Park is up to the challenge. The Yosemite valley is the product of glacial carving, which produced both the characteristic U-shaped valley structure (center foreground) and a hanging valley (at right). From this hanging valley, Bridal Veil Falls feeds into the Merced River. On the left, is the great batholithic structure known as El Capitan, an enormous granite monolith that's a favorite conquest of experienced rock climbers world wide. Photo taken from Inspiration Point in September of 2005.

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