Little River Falls

January 13, 2006

Little_river_falls__best_view copy

Provided by: Regina Owens
Summary authors & editors: Regina Owens

The photo above shows Little River Falls, which is part of a 1,400 acre park known as the Little River Canyon National Preserve. From its start in northwestern Georgia, the Little River continues along Lookout Mountain in northeastern Alabama carving out a spectacular canyon. The Falls itself is approximately 100 feet (30 m) wide and drops 40 feet (12 m). Little River drains an area of approximately 200 square miles (130,000 acres) before emptying into Weiss Lake. The plateau-like surface of Lookout Mountain, which forms the eastern boundary of the Cumberland Plateau, results from an erosion-resistant layer of sandstone atop the mountain. Streams, such as Little River, cut vertically into joints that characterise this resistant rock formation. This view of Little River Falls is close to the beginning of a scenic drive along the rim of Little River Canyon. The picture was taken on November 13, 2005, at time when this area had received little rainfall, thus providing an opportunity to explore the river bed above the falls.

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