Two Perspectives of the Same Storm

January 07, 2006

Glendaleapplevalley copy

Provided by: Kay Meyer; Nephi Hall
Summary authors & editors: Kay Meyer; Nephi Hall

The above photo pair showing a triple lightning strike and the cumulonimbus cloud responsible for it was taken in the late afternoon of October 21, 2005 from Glendale, California (sunlit cloud top at left) and Hesperia, California (lightning at right). As the Sun was setting in Glendale, I opened my office window in time to get a beautiful view of these towering, huge cumulonimbus clouds to the northeast. About an hour later, I got a call from my son who lives in Hesperia, about 60 miles (100 km) northeast, telling me that they that were having a powerful thunderstorm with vivid lightning. We both took pictures, almost simultaneously, from different viewpoints of this impressive autumn storm.

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