Burra Burra Mine

February 12, 2006


Provided by: James Douglas
Summary authors & editors: James Douglas; Jim Foster

The Burra Burra Mine, entrance shown above, is located near Ducktown, in eastern Tennessee. It was mined for its copper and goes down approximately 1 mile (1.6 km). When the mine was being excavated, timbers were needed for support, and many trees in the vicinity of the mine were cut down. This caused a chain reaction that nearly destroyed the surrounding landscape. Additionally, over the years, excavated dirt and ore residue washed into streams, fouling wetlands and destroying aquatic habitats. Though an effort has been made to clean up the watersheds near the mine, 300 acres of denuded land has been set aside as a memorial to the ecological devastation. Though the mine is no longer active, garnet and pyrite can be collected.

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