Icebergs off Cape York, Greenland

March 20, 2006


Provided by: Mila Zinkova
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster; Mila Zinkova

The photo above is a helicopter view of icebergs near Cape York in northwestern Greenland (taken on September 1, 2005). We traveled to Cape York on this unusually sunny and beautiful early September day simply to see the icebergs. A number of them resembled ships with no crew, like the Flying Dutchmen -- moving only by forces of Nature. The striking "ice ship" at lower right appears ready to be boarded. These bergs are perhaps 30 m in length. We were indeed seeing just the tip of these icebergs -- upwards of 85% of an iceberg's mass is submerged. Thousands of icebergs calf off the Greenland Ice Sheet each summer.

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