Morning Fogbow

March 15, 2006


Provided and copyright by: Judy A Mosby
Summary authors & editors: Judy A Mosby

It was my absolute delight on Christmas Eve morning 2005 to experience my first fogbow. It was right out my back door in Lovelock, Nevada and decorated the landscape for better than half an hour. I took pictures with 2 cameras just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating! Although fogbows are similar in diameter to rainbows, they're formed by much smaller droplets and so diffraction of sunlight, rather then reflection and refraction, dominates. Note that the width of a fogbow is broader than that of a rainbow. The whiteness of this bow results from the overlapping colors.

My fogbow was captured with my Nikon Cool Pix 4300, with a wide angle lens attached.

Time: 10:07:02 (local time). Date 12-24-2005. Exposure time: 1/433 sec., F/7.6, ISO 100.

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