Mount Shasta

May 02, 2006

Shasta_2 copy

Provided and copyright by: Kevin Ryan
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster; Kevin Ryan

This photo of snow capped Mt. Shasta was taken on a flight to Yreka, California. Mt Shasta's proud pinnacle stands at 14,162 ft (4,322 m). The summit of Shastina can be seen at far left, just above the stratus cloud deck. A much larger mountain, referred to as ancestral Mt. Shasta, once stood on the site of today's peak. About 350,000 years ago the north flank of this volcano collapsed, forming a huge landslide that ripped across much of Shasta Valley. The present Mt. Shasta was built during the past 250,000 years in a series of four eruptive episodes, each of which likely lasted only a few hundred to a few thousand years. Today, Mt. Shasta is quiet, however, as long as subduction continues along the Pacific Northwest coast, so will the threat of eruptions from Mt. Shasta and the other Cascade volcanoes.

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