Apple Blossom Frost

June 17, 2006


Provided by: P. Riemer
Summary authors & editors: P. Riemer

Those of us in the low lying areas in northeastern Wisconsin awoke Saturday May 6 to a springtime frost. The air temperature was 29 degrees F (-2 C) at 6:15 a.m . (local time). The night sky had been calm and clear, allowing temperatures to plummet overnight. The Sun was strong the next morning, and I had to scramble to get a few photos before the frost crystals sublimated. A nearby airport reported that temperatures dropped below freezing at 2 a.m. and hit a low of 27 F (-3 C) at 4:30 a.m., staying below freezing until 7 a.m. Although frost usually spells trouble when it occurs in May, I saw no lasting damage to these frosted apple blossoms -- no signs that the cells themselves suffered any damage.

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