Cumulonimbus Calvus on Radar

June 08, 2006


Provided by: Peg Zenko
Summary authors & editors: Peg Zenko

The photo at top was taken from near Green Bay, Wisconsin, late on the afternoon of July 12, 2003 and shows a species of cumulonimbus cloud (Cb), namely, cumulonimbus calvus. This type of Cb lacks the familiar anvil top, although one may develop if the storm matures. Even if conditions are not favorable for continued vertical development, Cb calvus may produce moderate to heavy shower activity, but lightning and thunder aren't necessarily associated with these clouds. Shown at bottom is the corresponding base reflectivity radar image from the National Weather Service, Green Bay Doppler radar, which indicates "reflections" from developing Cb in the vicinity of Green Bay.

Thanks to Jeff Last for providing Doppler radar image and helping with the summary.

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