Red Rocks With Snow

June 18, 2006

Sedona_with_snow_dust copy

Provided and copyright by: David Meyer, Team 3 Training Inc.
Summary authors & editors: David Meyer

This picture was taken by me from a helicopter touring the red-rock region near Sedona, Arizona -- taken on March 19, 2004. The green vegetation, coupled with the red rocks and veneer of snow create a most agreeable composition. Even this light dusting of snow was quite unusual, and in fact our pilot told us that he had been flying the area for over a decade and had never seen snow at all. Winter was late leaving central Arizona in 2004. The exact location shown above is an area known as the Valley of the Gods. The Native Americans so named the area to recognize the ancient ritual of worshiping the various rock formations that were seen as God-like. The tower formation in the center was (is) known as the god of love and relationships.

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