Sandstone and Conglomerate Pillars

July 28, 2006


Provided by: Alan Tough, SIGMA - Moray's Astronomy Club
Summary authors & editors: Alan Tough

The photo above showing red sandstone and conglomerate pillars was taken near Fochabers, in Moray, Scotland in the spring of 2004. These huge, ancient pillars were originally protected from erosion by capping stones. Over the eons, the river bank eventually eroded, leaving the great red columns standing clear. With the capping stones long gone, the effects of erosion on the tops of the pillars can now be clearly seen.

This picture was snapped on June 1, 2004 at the Lord March pool on the River Spey (which is famous for its fast flowing water, whisky distilleries, Baxters soup, Walkers shortbread and, of course, its excellent salmon fishing).

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