Trenton Falls

July 09, 2006

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Provided and copyright by: Ralph Greco, Whitesboro High School
Summary authors & editors: Ralph Greco

Trenton Falls is actually a series of waterfalls located in Trenton Gorge on West Canada Creek, New York. In the 1800s it was the most popular attraction in the Mohawk Valley. Travelers came from around the world to visit the Falls and stay at the Trenton Falls Resort.

Geologists estimate that the rocks in the Trenton gorge are approximately 450 million years old. Trenton limestone is abundant with fossils, including one spectacular trilobite fossil Isotelus gigas. In addition to trilobites, fossilized remnants found at Trenton Falls include concularia (an ancient “armored” jellyfish), echinoderms (spiny-skinned creatures including starfish and crinoids, or sea stars), cephalopods (shelled mollusks with squid-like tentacles), gastropods (snails), and bryozoans (tiny moss animals).

Limestone deposits have played a role in the Upstate New York economy since the latter half of the 19th century. Various quarries of Trenton Group limestone served commercial needs, including ten locks of the Black River canal that were built with Trenton limestone. The Trenton Falls Scenic Trail is now open four times a year, offering the public an opportunity to experience local history while enjoying splendors of nature. Photo taken on April 23, 2006.

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