Summer Milky Way

August 30, 2006

Summermilkyway_gross copy

Provided by: Jens Hackmann
Summary authors & editors: Jens Hackmann; Jim Foster

In a clear, dark sky, thousands of stars seemingly melt into a large diffuse creamy band. The dazzling photo above shows the Milky Way over Weikersheim (in southern Germany) on the night of July 19, 2006. Only a few degrees above the southern horizon, our Milky Way's centre is settled within the constellation of Sagittarius.

Photo details: Canon EOS 20D, 18 - 50 mm lens, focal length of 25 mm. It's a composite of a normal rgb frame (5 x 10 min. at ISO 400) and a h-alpha frame (6 x 10 min. at ISO 1600). The sharp horizon is a separate exposure, which was later fit to the sky image.

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