Heiligenschein and Dewbow

September 11, 2006


Provided and copyright by: Laurent Laveder
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster, Laurent Laveder

Early on the morning of May 9, 2006, I observed both a bright heiligenschein and a faint dewbow, near Chateaulin, Brittany, France. Note that the Sun is directly behind the camera (antisolar point) in this newly planted cornfield. Droplets of dew on the leaves refract and then reflect the low sunlight forming a half-hearted dewbow or a horizontal rainbow. The heiligenschein, about the shadow of the photographer's head, results from the backscatter of sunlight from the dew drops, focused on the antisolar point.

Photo details: Canon 350D, 100 ASA, 8 mm fisheye lens, 1/1000 sec.

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