Huron Shadows

October 25, 2006

Shadow_3 copy

Provided by: Alex Masse, HCSTS
Summary authors & editors: Alex Masse

This photo above showing an a swath of striking crepuscular rays was taken from the upper floor window of a high rise building in Exeter, Ontario, Canada. The date was August 2, 2006, and the view is toward the northwest, where a strong cold front was moving in from Lake Huron. The weather here, and elsewhere across eastern North America, had been extremely hot and humid for nearly a week -- temperatures in some locales exceeded 38 degrees C (100 F) and heat indexes were nearly 48 degrees C ( 118 F). This approaching cold front, accompanied by powerful thunderstorms, finally pushed away the oppressive air. As the Sun set behind towering cumulonimbus clouds, it cast these incredible shadows, which remained visible until the storm reached us.

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