Sunken Forest at Winchelsea Beach

October 18, 2006

P1000814_1bw copy

Provided and copyright by: Simon Hookey
Summary authors & editors: Simon Hookey

The photo above showing a sunken forest of petrified wood was taken at Winchelsea Beach (during low tide) near Rye, U.K. in November of 2005. This beach seems like most other rocky beaches at low tide, until you realize that the rocks are actually soft. Ancient forests here were inundated by rising sea levels and trapped in fine silt about 5,200 years ago. Approximately 6,000 years ago, England had become an island. Beneath the cliffs in the background, fossils of dinosaur footprints can be found. These date from the early Cretaceous (144 - 127 million years ago).

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