Rising of Orion

December 26, 2006


Provided by: Vincent Jacques
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster, Vincent Jacques

The photo above showing the majestic rising of the constellation of Orion the Hunter (just after astronomical twilight) was taken on the evening of October 30, 2006 from the National Park of Mercantour, to the south of the French Alps. Stunning Orion is visible from both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, and because of its combination of very bright stars and angled "lines," it's perhaps the most conspicuous constellation. The three bright stars forming Orion's belt, and the much more closely spaced and dimmer objects (2 stars plus the Great Nebula) forming the sword dangling from the belt are easy for nearly everyone to locate in the autumn and winter sky (Northern Hemisphere). Note Orion's reflection on the still lake surface.

Photo details: Canon EOS 350D camera and a Sigma 18-50 mm lens. Later this evening, the zodiacal light was clearly visible and nearly extended 45° above the horizon!

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