Cloud Corona Above Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

February 05, 2007


Referred by: Aymen Ibrahem, Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Summary authors & editors: Aymen Ibrahem, Jim Foster

On the morning of November 6, 2006, clouds of various altitudes, including impressive altocumulus patterns, were drifting across the sky in Alexandria, Egypt. I was performing an observing session in the Plaza of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt's newly revived monument and noticed this magnifient irisation (cloud corona), which occurred at about 10:30 local Egyptian time (EET). As is the case for all coronas, the cloud corona is a diffraction phenomenon resulting from the interference of sunlight (or moonlight) about water droplets. See also the Earth Science Picture of the Day for January 3, 2006.

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