Icicle Formation Near Dallas, Texas

February 19, 2007


Provided by: Rich Tate, Alford Media Services
Summary authors & editors: Rich Tate

The exceptionally clear icicles shown above are clinging to the twig of a scarlet oak tree in my front yard in Allen, Texas (near Dallas). At the time this picture was snapped (January 14, 2007), the temperature was about 20 degrees (-6.5 C), and there was a nasty wind chill. Across northeastern Texas, snow, sleet, rain and then freezing was reported, and in some cases this precipitation mix was occurring almost simultaneously. When rain fell into the shallow but very cold layer of air adjacent to the surface, icicles formed very quickly. The clarity of these icicles, as well as their blunted shape. results primarily from their rapid freeezing.

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