Dortmund Moon and Twilight

March 03, 2007


Provided by: Boris Pick
Summary authors & editors: Boris Pick, Jim Foster

This partially lit Moon, surrounded by sanguine skies, was captured above Dortmund, Germany on November 26, 2006. The deck of mid level altostratus clouds (below the level of the Moon) is the showy recipient of the final throes of the daylight. Higher cirrus clouds also contribute to the twilight coloration. As the Sun moves lower in the sky at day's end, the path length of sunlight increases, and therefore the shorter wavelengths of light (blues and violets) are scattered out of view. The Moon was in a waxing crescent phase when this photo was taken.

Take a look toward the east a little after sunset (in North and South America) and see if you have any luck seeing tonight's lunar eclipse. In many locations, it'll rise within the Earth's shadow (umbra).

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