El Misti

March 11, 2007

Elmisti2 copy

The setting Sun cast its red glow on the summit of the active stratovolcano El Misti in the top photo taken from Arequipa in southern Peru. Standing just east of the city, the 5,822-meter tall (19,100-ft) volcano produces a white volcanic stone called sillar that is found in many colonial buildings; such as the Santa Catalina Monastery in the bottom photo.

El Misti, with its last confirmed eruption in 1784, remains a threat to more than one million people who live in Arequipa and its surrounding area.

Both photos were taken on November 1, 1994, during a fantastic trip that culminated in observing the total solar eclipse two days later at the high altitude (more than 4,300 m or 14,100 ft) Lauca National Park in Chile.

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