Pyramidal Halos

March 28, 2007


Referred by: Michael Ellestad
Summary authors & editors: Michael Ellestad

While at work, but on break, I was outside and noticed a halo encircling the Sun. I took a closer look with sunglasses and observed that there was not only a 22 degree halo but also a 9 degree halo -- much nearer the Sun. The 9 degree halo may appear as a result of refraction and reflection of sunlight in pyramidal column crystals. Other halos, which I found when I did some photo enhancements, include a 20 degree halo and a 35 degree halo. This display was an example of what I call a concentric halo display. Thought the most common halos form approximately 22 degrees from the Sun, other more exotic halos form at different distances. Photo taken on January 31, 2007 from southern Ohio, U.S.A.

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