Tromso Aurora

March 01, 2007


Provided by: Pete Lawrence
Summary authors & editors: Pete Lawrence

A giant auroral bird swoops down towards the fjord in which the island city of Tromso in northern Norway is located. This image was taken from the top of Mt Storsteinen, (420 m or 1,378 ft above the city), which can be accessed by cable car. Interestingly, the Sun was completely blank when this picture was taken -- a sunspot number of zero had prevailed for several days. Nonetheless, a powerful solar wind stream gave rise to this amazing display. Photo taken on February 14, 2007.

Photo details: Canon 10D DSLR camera; 13 sec at ISO 400. The temperature was -9 C (16) with the windchill taking it down to a nippy -21 C (-2 F).

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