Chimney Shadow and Frost

April 15, 2007

Dscf00022 copy

Provided by: Dale Hugo
Summary author: Dale Hugo

The photo above showing frosted chimney shadows was taken on December 24, 2006, in North Arlington Heights, Illinois -- the time was 9:15 a.m. (Central Standard Time). What caught my eye was the double shadow of the chimney. As the outside air temperature was 0 degree C (32 degrees F), which is average for late December in northern Illinois, frost in exposed areas had melted in the sunlight. However, the still shaded parts of the roof retained a frosty residue. The Sun was in the southeastern sky. Notice also the frost streaks on the roof, due to tree branches (just out of the picture to the right. It seems that my neighbor needs a bit more insulation in his attic.

The chimney and vents are covered with wire mesh to thwart marauding raccoons from entry. Perhaps my neighbor was also deterring a certain red suited elf from entering his home.

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