Kernville Crepuscular Rays

April 06, 2007

Kernville_rays_small copy

Provided and copyright by: David Lynch, Thule Scientific
Summary author: David Lynch

The photo above showing a spectacular array of crepuscular rays was captured near Kernville, California on February 16, 2007. Crepuscular rays are spokes of light and dark that seem to radiate from the Sun. The light regions are sunlit parts of the atmosphere that usually contain dust or other aerosols. The dark parts are in the shadows of clouds or aerosols. Frequently, the cloud casting the shadow can be seen. The rays of light and dark are all parallel, but appear to converge to the Sun. This is a perspective effect, the same one that makes railroad tracks appear to converge to the horizon. Crepuscular rays are also called “the sun drawing water,” “Ropes of Maui” and “Buddha’s Fingers.” The term crepuscular refers to twilight.

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